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ISS- International Fake Station

Nasa fail compilation- Astro- NOTs (Jokers) in some Hollywood basement studio.

In the past several decades, NASA has shown video of astronauts, supposedly in low-Earth orbit, experiencing complete weightlessness, or “zero gravity,” how is this weightless effect achieved if gravity doesn’t exist? As it turns out, for the past several decades, NASA together with Boeing have been perfecting so-called “Zero G planes” and “Zero G maneuvers,” which are able to produce weightlessness at any altitude.

Aboard modified Boeing 727’s specially trained pilots perform aerobatic

maneuvers known as parabolas. Planes climb with a pitch angle of 45 degrees

using engine thrust and elevator controls, then when maximum height is reached

the craft is pointed downward at high speed. The period of weightlessness

begins while ascending and lasts all the way up and over the parabola until

reaching a downward pitch angle of 30 degrees, at which point the maneuver is

repeated. Therefore all NASA’s footage of astronauts aboard “space shuttles,” or

“the International Space Station” can be easily hoaxed and simulated in Earth-

atmosphere aboard a Zero G plane. In fact, watching footage of Zero G plane

flights alongside footage of NASA astronauts supposedly floating around their

“space shuttles” and “space stations,” no observable difference can be seen

between the two.

All international space station videos are shot in studios with green screen and videos editing techniques called diminished reality and augmented reality.

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