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Viruses are fictitious Organisms

Every text book is full of fairy tales-

NCERT class 8 Biology- microorganisms

School book definition:

Bacteriophages, or "phages" for short, are viruses that specifically infect bacteria. Phages and other viruses are not considered living organisms because they can't carry out biological processes without the help and cellular machinery of another organism. Bacteriophage viruses have a structure which resembles a hypodermic syringe, which injects the viral genes inside the cell wall.

Truth- Viruses are fictitious organisms.

# The virus would be incapable of entering a cell wall because

(a) it wouldn't be able to detect or find the cell wall. (b) It wouldn't have any means of digging a hole through the wall.

# How do they attack? They have no eyes, legs, arms, ears, nose or brain to think out a strategy.

The funny looking spider virus which has legs and a syringe type injection system - This is a physical impossibility because viruses are only single celled. To have functioning legs which contract requires the use of muscle tissue and complex joint structures which a single celled life form couldn't possibly have. Thus, it is a totally illogical creature which has been manipulated into existence using Photoshop. They say its an electron microscope image. Not even a single doctor in the whole world has seen any such thing with his own eyes during med school years and during his medical practice years. Not even a single diagnostic lab in this world has ever tested blood or any other bodily fluid for a virus!

P.S. The funny electron microscope image has a pyramid tip. Washington monument, obelisk with a pyramid tip - represents Freemasonry (deception).

No Direct evidence of any Virus!

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